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THE JOURNEY TO BECOMING REAL: Embracing the Truest Expression of Self

artwork: Morning's Kiss by Lyia Meta

As I journey through life, I've come to realize that true self-understanding often comes to us as we near the culmination of our experiences. This realization at times comes at a great cost, challenging the self-image we have so meticulously crafted over the years. We encounter aspects of ourselves that seem foreign, incongruent with the persona we have projected to the world. These facets of our being, so alien and unsettling, are often tucked away, hidden from view, as we struggle to reconcile them with the image we believe defines us.

My own journey of self-discovery has been deeply personal and at times painful. As an artist navigating the tumultuous waters of an industry that can easily shatter dreams, I've come to intimately understand this process. It has been a journey filled with ups and downs, a constant struggle to stay true to myself in the face of immense pressure.

The challenges I've faced in my artistic endeavors have often served as reflections of deeper, more profound struggles within myself. These challenges, though daunting, have been but surface ripples hinting at the vast depths of pain and transformative hurdles that lie beneath. Becoming Real has not been a journey for the faint of heart; it has been a complex, multifaceted path that has demanded I not only understand my innermost self but also envision who I aspire to become.

Yet, in this pursuit, I've also come to terms with a harsh reality: who I want to become isn't always who I am meant to be. The path to self-discovery has been fraught with detours and dead ends, each one offering valuable lessons about my true nature. It is in these moments of introspection and reflection that I've begun to grasp the depth of my being, understanding that my true essence transcends my wildest aspirations.

Along this path, however, lies a profound blessing: the discovery that my art has the power to become the truest expression of my being. It is in the creation of my art, whether through music, painting, writing, or any other form of expression, that I reveal the beauty that has always resided within me. My art has become a reflection of who I am, a testament to the authenticity that lies at the core of my being.

Becoming Real has so far been a transformative journey that has demanded courage, introspection, and a willingness to confront the deepest truths about myself. It has been a journey that has required me to embrace the complexities of my being, understanding that my true essence transcends the confines of my self-image. And it is in this journey that I've discovered the profound beauty of my art, a reflection of the truest expression of myself.

Did I mention that it takes time? Hah! TIME unfortunately waits for no man!


Song; Never Enough Time

From the album ALWAYS YOU

Released in 2023

Songs written by Denise Dimin

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