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Life's Little Winks!

Artwork: Peripheral Oddity by Lyia Meta


I recently had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance about the messages life sends us, which is a favorite topic of mine. He is a devout Christian and I an avid listener! I often find myself in fascinating situations because of these conversations. During our chat, he suggested that what I was describing sounded like déjà vu. However, I disagreed and explained that déjà vu is that uncanny feeling of having experienced something before, even when you know you haven’t. Since I frequently experience déjà vu, I felt confident in my understanding of it. Ah hah! That weird, “I've been here before” isn't for everyone! So here’s me delving deeper, albeit a little strangely, into the idea that life sends us messages and how we can interpret them.

To me, the oddities and coincidences we encounter are different. They're about recognizing patterns or signs in our lives that seem to have a deeper meaning. These occurrences feel like the universe's way of nudging or guiding me, unlike déjà vu, which is more about a fleeting sense of familiarity.

Both déjà vu and these oddities remind me that there's more to life than what we initially perceive. They encourage me to pay attention, stay present, and appreciate the mysterious and interconnected nature of our experiences.

Throughout my life, I've come across all sorts of odds and ends—those little quirks and peculiarities that seem insignificant at first but are secretly fascinating. I call then peripheral oddities and even painted a piece on it. When I look back, these random pieces often reveal a deeper, more personal meaning. They’re like puzzle pieces, each one adding to the bigger picture of my life. Whether it’s a chance encounter with a stranger who imparts some wisdom or finding a hidden gem of a book, these oddities shape my journey.

Some people might see these moments as signs from God. For me they are both God and the universe's way of giving me a gentle nudge, reminding me that everything happens for a reason. Even the most peculiar occurrences are meant to be noticed and understood.

Think about bumping into someone you were just thinking about or running into an old friend in a random place. These encounters might seem like simple coincidences, but they often hold deeper significance. I’ve noticed recurring themes or symbols that keep popping up in different contexts, and they always make me pause and wonder. Whether it’s the same symbol, number, or theme, these patterns hint at a hidden connection and deeper meaning.

I’ve had strong gut feelings or intuitions about things that later turned out to be true, and it always leaves me marveling at the mysterious forces at play. Unexplained coincidences, where events seem too perfectly aligned to be mere chance, suggest there’s an underlying order to the chaos of life.

Sometimes, unexpected opportunities come my way—like job offers, invitations, or other chances that align perfectly with my goals. These moments feel like the universe is on my side, opening doors to new experiences and growth. Even my dreams sometimes offer vivid guidance or insights, helping me navigate complex situations. Coincidences remind me of the interconnectedness of everything! These moments are full of mystery and wonder, encouraging me to stay open to the unexpected and look for deeper meanings in everyday events. These oddities vary from person to person but always carry personal significance. By paying attention to these subtle cues, I gain insight into myself and my place in the world, discovering that even the strangest occurrences have their purpose and meaning.


Dimana Dikau

From the EP, "THIS IS LYIA"

Written and composed by Lyia Meta

Words translated to Bahasa Melayu by Ninot Aziz.

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