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All Aboard!

Updated: May 10

Artwork: Clouds II by Lyia Meta

“”Life, like a fractured dream, unfolds with its share of highs, lows, and unexpected turns, akin to a train ride. Each stop offers new challenges and lessons, ensuring the adventure is far from over.””

My journey began years ago. A time when I viewed the world through rose-tinted glasses. Where fairy-tale and reality existed side by side. I was full of excitement for what was to come and this often meant an overflowing of exuberant outbursts! But I had DREAMS and I wanted to live them all! Armed with the surety that dreams came true (how naive) and a pocket full of hope, I marched straight into the fray! I still do this to this day, much to the dismay of my partner Zack!

Each carriage on my train held the promise of a different adventure, each stop a unique chapter in my life as a musician and artist. Emotions held sway and was often tempered in order to ensure that lessons were learned well. Roles shifted along the way, from child to adolescent, daughter to parent, friend to foe, dreamer to realist and so many more roles that intertwined and wove itself into the very fabric of who I was to become. Through challenges and triumphs, I’ve experienced more than I ever imagined.

“It is okay not knowing....”

As the train departed, anxiety often gripped me about my destination. Like a reader flipping to a book’s last pages, I sought reassurance, finding none. But of course, how does one get to peek into the ending of a story they are writing? We don't trust ourselves enough. I think this has been the hardest part for me, the "NOT KNOWING". The melodrama that followed some of my earlier adventures was not without merit! Not knowing is hard!?! But it was what it was, and so we do what we must: carry on and persevere. Plus, getting off at any point would mark the end of the incredible experiences I’ve had thus far, and I knew better than to rush through it. The fear of missing out on another adventure kept me aboard.

“ .and so, the train ride unfolds, ensuring that the adventure is far from over..”

The cadence of the train brought good days, a sense of security, and mostly hope. Dotted with incredible moments, it mirrored the highs and lows of my artistic pursuits and life, beautiful yet fraught with many storms on the horizon. Unexpected twists and turns, navigating rough terrain, and nail-biting moments of trepidation were constant companions. Each stop brought new challenges, opportunities, and lessons, reminding me that the journey is far from over.

“The king was killed by his courtiers”

Tonight as I write this, watching the world rush by, I am reminded of the fragility of dreams and the danger of expectations, especially in the music industry where success can be fleeting. But even outside the music industry, I believe there's danger in expectations and the belief that they will bring you happiness. In my moments of reflection, I’ve made a commitment to be truly honest with myself. This means facing my failings and fears head-on, and surrounding myself with people who will provide me with genuine feedback. And so, I’ve promised myself to embrace uncertainties, wait for storms to pass, and KNOW when to gracefully step off the stage! my 4 inch heels! 😀


WITHOUT WALLS was written by me and released in 2018

The song's core message is that we're all living on borrowed time. It urges us to live freely, without regrets or remorse, and to stay true to ourselves. If we find ourselves straying from our path, we can always pause, rewrite our story, and get back on track.

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