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Stories in Song

Photocredit: KACV, Kerala, India. Taken at the IIMF 2022.


Far too often, I've been questioned: "Why do you sing, Lyia? Why do you write or record music?" The straightforward response would be my unwavering belief that I was born to sing! However, these days, brief and tactfully shared answers often seem to disappoint. So today, perhaps I'll attempt to articulate my thoughts on this with greater depth.

I sing and create music as a means to tell stories through lyrics. Each note, chord progression, and word serves as a reflection of the life I've lived and the experiences that have shaped me! It's a narrative that I hope resonates deeply with those who listen, offering them a glimpse into my inner world. When I pour my heart into a song, it's more than just sharing a piece of myself; it's an intimate expression of my emotions and the essence of who I am. If my music manages to move a listener, to evoke emotions or memories that make them feel understood or less alone, I consider that a profound success.

These stories I tell through music are deeply personal and heartfelt. They originate from my own joys, sorrows, dreams, and fears—the highs and lows of my journey through life. They are woven from the threads of the people I've loved, the places I've seen, and the lessons I've learned along the way. While many of the lyrics may come from collaborations with talented lyricists, each song remains a reflection of my own experiences. Working with others' words requires a delicate balance of empathy and interpretation, as I strive to imbue each line with my own authentic emotions and perspectives.

Crafting these stories, whether they are born from my own lyrics or those of collaborators, is a process that demands a deep connection to the words and a profound understanding of the emotions they convey. It's about finding common ground between my personal experiences and the universal themes that resonate with listeners.

"Music is my bridge to connect hearts, sharing stories that invite solace, joy, and a sense of belonging."

When I perform or record a song, I enter into a deeply personal and transformative space. It's a process of reliving moments and memories, channeling the emotions that inspired the music, and inviting listeners to embark on a shared journey of reflection and connection. Music, in its essence, is a deeply personal and subjective experience. Most times, I try limiting my takes in the vocal booth because capturing those evocative moments can be emotionally exhausting. I'm also aware that each listener brings their own unique background, emotions, and perspectives to the song, interpreting it through the lens of their own life experiences.

What I strive to achieve with my music is to create a space where listeners can find pieces of themselves reflected in the melody and lyrics. It's about fostering empathy, understanding, and connection through the universal language of music. Whether my songs bring comfort in times of sorrow, joy in moments of celebration, solace during times of uncertainty, or inspiration to pursue dreams, the true beauty of music lies in its ability to touch hearts and unite us through our shared humanity.


Easier and Easier

by Lyia Meta

Released: 5th July 2024

Words and music by Denise Dimin

Arrangements and production


Bob McGilpin

Coproduced by Gene Rabbai and Lyia Meta

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