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How really cool to know that my video DAYLIGHT from my EP 15013, made it to FINALIST at Rome Music Video Awards

Daylight is the lead track from the EP.

With 5 songs written and composed by Denise Dimin (including Daylight) and one by Bob McGilpin the video was produced and edited by myself under the Covid 19 Lockdown. Terribly difficult times but we worked our way around it. Hope springs eternal!

Video concept: Lyia Meta

Edited by: Lyia Meta

Videographer: Khahin Meta

See video here:


We Are Lords 

List of official selection, semi finalist, finalist and winner

at the LoudSoul Music Festival, Rome Music Video Awards, Munich Video Awards and International Music Video Awards, U.K.

The music video that was conceptualized and edited by Lyia Meta was made under the Covid 19 lockdown in 2020.



Malaysian Artist Lyia Meta Brings Lilting Jazz/Blues on Her New EP ‘15013’

A seasoned singer-songwriter has been part of club residencies for decades, exploring everything from pop to metal with different collaborators

Fete De La Musique

Lyia performs alongside artists from Malaysia and France for this online virtual concert. 

19th June, 2021. Hosted by Alliance , Kuala Lumpur

FB_IMG_1623912670987 (1).jpg

.Official Award Winner at LOUDSOUL Music Festival - WE ARE LORDS for EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO

"Function of music is expression.  Expression of emotions, thoughts, feelings, creativity its expression of who we are and why we are. The festival is inspired by every artistic expression through music, songs. movement and rhythm.  We believe in the power and healing power of sound and movement.

TV Card.png

WE ARE LORDS by Lyia Meta on SONGDEW TV India ! 10th of April 2021!!

The only 24 hour satellite music television channel dedicated to showcasing PURE UNCORRUPTED MUSIC from some of the finest artists in India. ... reaching over 200Mn people.


 It is the only 24 hour satellite music television channel dedicated to showcasing PURE UNCORRUPTED MUSIC from some of the finest artists in India. ... 

(Now Malaysia)


Catch Songdew TV on d2h (Channel 278), Dish TV  (Channel 476) @InCable (Channel 112) @GPTL (Channel 340) Hathaway(Channel 317, 856, 549), Den Network (Channel 471), Fastway, or online at JioTV TV  and YuppTV India 


We Are Lords was released under Bongo Boy Records in July 2020 and was on the 63rd Grammy®️Awards 1st.ballot -Metal Performance.

Line up for Ladies Who Rock For A Cause has been announced and Lyia Meta will be performing for this awesome event! April 18th 2021
Lyia Meta is a featured artist on the 10th edition of Lazie Indie Magazine, India.
February 27th 2021
International Music Video Awards, U.K

March 1st 2021
WE ARE LORDS by Lyia Meta is now officially a FINALIST for Best Original Song at The International Music Video Awards, UK.

"Expanding boundaries in traditional filmaking by creating a "visual symphony" in which music will play a major role." -IMVA

What IMVA has to say.

⁰We Are Lords, was selected as a finalist in our edition International Music Video Awards!
Your music video was shortlisted...
.. it was among the hot favorites. Judging your project is the final placement as a Finalist."

Released on Bongo Boy Records.

Song & Lyrics: Lyia Meta
Producer: Anthony Noel Yap (Big A Productions)
Co Producer: Zack Meta
Video concept and director: Lyia Meta
Videographer: Khahin Meta

Drums: Matt Data
Guitar: Brandon Gomez
Bass:Daniel Foong
Keyboards: Dennis Law
Backing Vicals: Natalie Fong
Backing Vocals/adlibs: Lyia Meta


Lyia Meta DIPLOMA.png

We Are Lords is awarded the Grand Prix Certificate for best original song from ART FEST- Georgia.




"This single has a total feel (brandy style) of one of the classic comic books from Marvel®. It is action pack and comes with hard-driven energy. Another great single release by talented Lyia Meta" -Monique Grimme  Bongo Boy Records.

Blairstown, NJ, United States


'WE ARE LORDS by Lyia Meta 

released 14th July, 2020

by Bongo Boy Records, USA

New Single Release on Bongo Boy Records by Lyia Meta - We Are Lords. Release date: July 14 2020
Song and lyrics: Lyia Meta
Music/Producer/Engineer: Anthony Noel Yap
Co-Producer: Zack Meta.
Rearranger: Big A Productions

Lead Vocals - Lyia Meta
Drummer - Matt Data
Bassist - Daniel Foong
Guitar - Brandon Gomez
Keyboardist - Dennis Law
Backing Vocals - Natalie Fong
Backing Vocals : Lyia Meta
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Download Today:…/2648361-music-rock-lyia-meta-w…
Official WebPage:
Genre: Metal | UPC: 687051870532
ISRC: USPXQ2007141 | Release Date: July 14 2020
Worldwide | Digital Single
Featured on Kryp II Knight Vol. 2

COME SEE ME (Inches from Sin feat. Lyia

'Come See Me- Inches from Sin feat. Lyia Meta

released now!

Lyia collaborates with Inches from Sin from Upstate New York.  Inches from Sin features power duo Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer

Bongo Boy Records is excited about this new single by the American Power Recording Duo INCHES FROM SIN. Their single is featuring Lyia Meta.

Release Date: June 30 2020.

The Single COME SEE ME feat. Lyia Meta is written by Songwriters Robert Brewer & Karen Holloway Brewer aka Inches From Sin. 

Also, this album will be presented to The Recording Academy in Los Angeles, CA. For Your Consideration (FYC) for The 63rd Grammy Awards® Nominations.

Direct Link


sharon lia.jpg


We all face times when we want to be a warrior, and then sometimes we struggle just to hang on.  We are not alone.  This is a shared phenomenon, and when we DO overcome and rise, we can lift a world in need.

We hope this modern-day “We Are The World” inspires others to know they matter, and each one and every one of us makes a difference.


'THE SUM OF US- Sharon Lia Band


released May 29, 2020

Music and Lyrics - Sharon Lia
Vocals - Sharon Lia
Guitar - Rick Jannotti
Drums - Chuck Treece
Bass - Chuck Treece
Keyboards - Sharon Lia
Keyboards - Howie Gordon
Piano - Sharon Lia
Tambourine - Eric Alexandrakis

Producers - Rick Jannotti, Sharon Lia, David Ivory
Arrangement - Sharon Lia, Rick Jannotti, David Ivory
Engineer - Rick Jannotti
Mixing Engineer - Rick Jannotti
Mastering - Rick Jannotti

Backup Vocals -
Sharon Lia
Backup Vocals
Alice Marie
AnneMarie Picerno
CeCe Lilbit
Desi Hillard
Gene Murden
Kelly Lewis
Lyia Meta
Manny Cabo
Michelle Leigh
Nicki Kris
Rick Jannotti
Suzanne Grzanna
Tim Lewis
Vika Hunter
Wendi Kilman


Lyia Meta is proud to stand alongside many who came together to make this a reality for Sharon Lia



'Now I Know The Reason Why'
New single by Lyia Meta
released now!
From the songwriters that brought you 'The Bluesman', 'I Can't Remember' and 'The Rockin' Blues'.  Lyia Meta sings a soulful song about love lost..

Click for to watch 

With her deep, smoky and resonant vocal style, and masterful ability to cover multiple genres ranging from blues and hard rock to pop and country with ease, she’s become an international music star, winning numerous music awards over the past several years, including the 2018 Josie World Music Artist Award, which was presented to her in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Click here to read review:


Lyia Meta receives 2 Nominations for the 8th Annual International Portuguese Music Awards (#2020IPMA)

The categories are:
●SONG OF THE YEAR- ALL OF MY LOVE(Paul Michael Curtis).

*The International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA), recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by International artists of Portuguese ancestry.- March 8th , 2020

(click for Video )- 

Song of the Year.jpg

Slumber (remix) by Lyia Meta on the 62nd FYC complilation album

An album filled with talent that was presented and accepted by The Recording Academy in LA on their 62nd For Your Consideration for a Grammy Nomination this season. 
Bongo Boy Records continues their annual tradition to release a collectible album by Various Artists to capture the independent artists accomplishments. - February 7th , 2020


Lyia Meta with her partner Zack performs for The Musicians for Musicians Benefit Concert.  


The star -studded "Musicians for Musicians Benefit Concert" is now an attraction in the Visit Malaysia 202 calendar of events.   The event featuring more thatn 100 top Malayisan and Singaporean musicians from the glorious 1970's to 1980's is included in Tourism Malaysia's digital and print publication." -Frankie D'Cruz(multi award winning journalist

Lyia Meta made it to the TOP 100 Artists of 2019 on INDIE STAR RADIO



Lyia Meta took home the award for ARTIST OF THE YEAR (multi genre) 2019 from The Josie Music Awards in Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.   The Largest independent music awards in the world, it saw over 23,000 entries this year. - 21st September 2019

Lyia Meta- Josie Music Awards  (JGR PHOT

photo credit : JGR Photogrqaphy

20190921_231532 (1).jpg
Lyia Meta Josie Music Awards  2019.jpg

photo credit : JGR Photogrqaphy

download (1).jpg

Fantastic news! Lyia Meta made it to the finals for the KICMA AWARDS  in the following categories...

•Entertainer of the Year 
• Vocalist of the Year
• Music Video of the Year

Thank you to the panel of judges for this honour. Congratulations to all finalists!

The professional judging panel consists of 3 A&R reps from big name record labels, 2 top country music officials, & 1 major artist in the independent music world


Lyia Meta's latest single 'Deserving of Love' was produced, mix and mastered by film composer Mike Hall. 

"His films include: The Reapers, Reflection, Then the Night Comes, Pipe Wrench and Father of Lies."-Filmint

Song and lyrics were written by Lyia Meta.  

The Radio airs Lyia Meta's latest single 'DESERVING OF LOVE' as a world debut on THE TRIPWIRE with DJ CHRIS WEST- 6th August 2019

20190810_192628 (1).jpg

Tune in to The everyday for an eclectic mix of music from across the globe.

Listen to the introduction by Chris West on The TripWire below


Lyia Meta is featured in the Discoveries Pullout of Clouzine Contemporary Music Magazine- August Issue #16 

 August, 2019


Lyia Meta releases her latest single 'Deserving of Love'

Song and lyrics by Lyia Meta

Produced by: Mike Hall

 August, 2019

Lyia Meta edited May 10th 1.jpeg

 Bongo Boy Records releases Lyia Meta latest single SLUMBER (remix) in ASIA- July 2019



Lyia Meta receives a nominations for the 2020 LDM Music Awards -NY, USA

" 4th  annual Music awards given by LDM Radio the #1 place for the Independent Artist.

Come join us as we reveal the winning artists of the year for Pop, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Gospel & Country"

Album cover:   Lyia Meta

Photography: Doreen Rodriguez



Lyia Meta receives a nominations for the 2019 Gran Royale Music Awards in Richmond, California. August 24th 2019

"The Gran Royale Music Awards is a local ceremony of innovative; Artists of all backgrounds, engaged patrons, and family founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe artists of all backgrounds, individuality, greatness, and pursuits of excellence should be rewarded."

Nominated for:  FEEL GOOD SONG OF 2019- Without Walls by Lyia Meta


Lyia Meta receives 4 nominations for the 2019 Josie Music Awards in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee



From out of 23,000 entries, Lyia Meta has been nominated in 4 categories for the 2019 Josie Music Awards.


The Award will be held at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, U.S.A on the 21st of September, 2019


The nominations are:


* Vocalist of the Year (multi genre)

* Artist of the Year (multi genre)

 Song of the Year (Rock/Classic Rock)
•All of My Love (songwriter: Paul Michael Curtis)

• Entertainer of The Year(Multi- Genre)



Lyia Meta receives 7 nominations for the 2019 KICMA AWARDS


nominated for The 2019 KICMA AWARDS in the following 

●Entertainer of the year
●Female vocalist of the year
●Rising Star of the year
●Song of the year (All of My Love)
●Radio Single of the year(All of My Love)
●Music video of the Year (You Need to Think Again)
●Songwriter of the year.


Lyia Meta's single All of My Love is released under Volume XVI compilation album for various artists under The Bongo Boy Records Label


  • 1. Lyia Meta - All Of My Love
    2. Erik - Peter Mortensen - Dragon Song feat. Sarah Moulton Faux
    3. Sofie Elezaj - Dream 
    4. E.G. Holmes - Wash My Soul In The Summer Rain feat. Jackie Molinary
    5. Amanda Marie - The ONE and ONLY
    6. KG Salone - You're My World feat. Drazz Zhay
    7. Mobjack Tribe, Parke Shelton and Jason Cale -Turn Your Radio Loud
    8. Monique Sherrell Brown - In And Of Love
    9. Naked Eye - Patiently
    10. SATGAME - Joy Here Comes The Blood
    11. Rob Petitti - Feels Like Home
    12. Eye'z - Still A Rainbow
    13. Brown Kid - Hole In The Wall
    14. Studeo - Read Between The Lines 
    15. Radio Drive - Sweet Thing feat. Kevin Gullickson
    16. Susan SurfTone - Buckle Up


Lyia Meta releases new single-

 The Bluesman

#AlbumReview - Bongo Boy Records Volume XVI by Various Artists by Skopemag• April 30, 2019

"Lyia Meta sings straight from the heart on the powerful “All My Love”. With a swirling gorgeous style, Lyia Meta offers a soulful fiery sound. Everything about the song opts for a powerful emotionally wrought approach to storytelling"


The Bluesman -Lyia Meta tunecore.jpeg

Written by Mike Jones and Jerry Jake Howard.  The Bluesman is a throwback to old Mississippi Blues.  Available on all digital stores.

Please go to 'STORE' for purchase linksk.



Lyia Meta- The Awards Tour- EAST MALAYSIA

18th and 19th of April, 2019


Lyia Meta travels to East Malaysia to perform for 2 nights in Miri, Sarawak at Island Dreams.


Lyia Meta garners 3 nominations from ISSA, Atlanta Georgia.

13th April 2019


Lyia Meta has been nominated in 3 categories for the ISSA Awards to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on the 3rd of August, 2019.

The nominations are:

*Entertainer of the Year

*Female Songwriter of the Year

*Music Video of the Year


Lyia's single 'ALL OF MY LOVE' is featured in the launch issue of  Indie Voice Magazine, March 2019 issue.

You need to think again official.jpeg

Lyia Meta releases her latest single 'You Need To Think Again' 

February 18th 2019


Lyia releases her latest track.  A country blues song written by Mike Jones and Jerry Jake Howard and produced by Gary Farmer.



20181216_134106_0000 (1).png

Lyia Meta releases her latest single 'All of My Love' 

December 16th, 2018- Navigators Bar and Bistro.


Lyia launched her latest single 'All of My Love'.  The track is written by the multi award singer, songwriter and producer from UK-Paul Michael Curtis. 

Proudly hosted by Navigators Bar and Bistro, it was attended by distinguished guests, members of the press, supporters and fans.



poster cd launch.jpg
20181201_131247 (1).jpg

Lyia Meta's art makes it onto the cover of Bernice Narayanan's latest release:

"So You Think I'm Funny"-Tun Dr. Mahathir 

November 2018


Lyia's portrait of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's current Prime Minister made it onto the cover of Bernice Narayanan's latest release,  'So You Think I'm Funny".




Lyia Meta performed at the Iskarnival 2018 in Iskandar Puteri, Johor on the 8th of December, 2018

iskarnival write up 2.jpg
iskarnival write up3.jpg

Lyia Meta was part of the International Singer Songwriters Association theme song 'Modern Day Shakespeare'


Lyia Meta wins World Music Artist of the Year 2018 at The Josie Music Awards in Dollywood, Tennessee

September 8th 2018, Dollywood, Tennessee.  The first Malaysian to win an Josie.  the largest Independent Music Awards,.

photo credit -Through the Eyes of Sam Photography

Singer‘s new single marks milestone- The Star

" Without Walls showcases Lyia’s powerful, slightly husky vocals very well, and the video has an arty feel that resonates with the lyrics." - Jacobus Raj (The Star)

"The self-produced effort, a five-song outing, captures the seasoned live circuit performer in fine fettle, her big voice an obvious highlight between cleverly-crafted songs generated from true-to-life experiences." - Rama N Lohan -The Star

Review: This Is Lyia by Lyia

"This Is Lyia is a five-song offering that harkens back to the golden age of songwriting, where turn of phrase and sumptuous melodies are still the order of the day"- Rama N Lohan- The Star

In April 2017, Lyia Meta won the GOLD MEDAL AWARD for Best Rock Ballad from Global Music Awards, California.

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