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August 30, 2023

(Illustrate Magazine)

Meta carries “Always You” with her deep, silky, and sultry jazz tone, weaving effortlessly through the tracks, evoking vulnerability, passion, and soulful blues. Trained in operatic techniques, she possesses a contralto vocal range that adds a unique layer to her music. Her voice can transport listeners into the heart of her narratives, much like blues and jazz greats like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse.

Lyia Meta - Always You (Self-Released)

25 June 2023

by Cody Conard (The Big Takeover)

It can be fairly surprising to hear a genuine contralto, but Meta’s voice immediately invites the listener into a collection of songs that are as emotional as they are technically sophisticated. It’s actually somewhat of a shock to learn that these are originals as one could easily be led to believe that she dug up some forgotten standards from the past. Although she briefly brings the tempo up on “Savor Me,” the EP is mostly a dreamy, subdued affair from the smooth ballad “Never Enough Time” to the cinematic “For You” which could have been a lost Shirley Bassey Bond theme.

Lyia Meta’s “Always You” Is A Jazz-Pop Fusion of Passion and Melody

Lyia Meta has released her latest album, “Always You,” featuring eight songs. The album starts with the title track, “Always You.” It’s a fascinating and passionate song. The keys work their magic, wonderfully complementing Lyia’s emotive and deep vocals. This jazz-infused pop gem is a calming balm for the soul. The synths offer a nostalgic touch, taking you back to the good old era.....


PRESS RELEASE: LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2023 / -- Lyia Meta hails from Malaysia where her sultry contralto voice, rare for a female singer - has been met with some measure of skepticism. Yet, in other parts of the world she's impressed audiences with both her unusual tone and her way with a song, earning her Best Song and Best Album honors for her latest offering ALWAYS YOU

Lyia Meta – Always You

By Harry

July 26, 2023 

She must have a jazz background because the levels of skill she showcases here are beyond the brink of Petula Clarkism. Low and glowing bellows that transform into upbeat saxophone-heavy dinner dance music… how could you not love that?

Blues meets classical music: Lyia Meta shares her new single “Always You”

The inspiration behind the new single is deeply personal, rooted in her commitment to authenticity and lived experiences.

Billboard MagazineAR

Gustavo Serna Monday, June 12, 2023

In the kaleidoscopic world of music, few artists manage to refract light into as diverse a palette as Malaysian singer Lyia Meta.....❞ 

Lyia Meta Shares Sublime New EP ‘Always You’

by Jeremy Bregman

""Smooth, sultry, and full of confidence, each tune has a life and soul of its own(...). In truth though, the entire EP is worthy of your time and attention. It’s just beautiful from start to finish!"

Lyia Meta: Always You

by Ralph Greco

"A vocal jazz album is not the easiest animal to wrestle into the barn of commercial listening (if you know what I mean). One doesn’t want to come off to esoteric in song choice, but one still wants to keep ones cred and deliver a singular vision.

Meta does all of this and more." 

Music Review: Always You Album by Lyia Meta

by #LizPublika

"The eight-track album blends jazz, pop, and the blues, and features some incredible performances by Meta, making it the perfect addition to your musical collection."

Lyia Meta – ‘Always You’ (2023)


Sammy Stein

 (International Editor for Jazz  Journalist Association, Author, Critic)

"Meta has something which few singers possess, and that is complete control of her powerful voice....(...)

"The arrangements and music supporting Meta are harmonious and steadfast, but the centerpiece is the voice – and what a voice. Contralto, but with added mezzo tones and beautiful phrasing that brings the lyrics to life. Meta has something hard to pinpoint: Her voice has such power yet can also be incredibly gentle, and her intonation is nigh on perfect."

Lyia Meta in Conversation with FAULT Magazine

"Lyia Meta ‘s talent and artistic pedigree means she moves seamlessly between genres"

Lyia Meta – ‘Always You’



JULY 3, 2023



❞ Always You embraces a sophisticated elegance in comparison, highlighting Meta’s powerful vocal talents, which achieve a rare contralto range(...)
The jazz-pop lushness of Always You strikes quickly with the powerful title track, opening with a sense of proclaimed adoration(...)❞ Mike Mineo (Obscure Sound)

Classic Jazz In Contralto
Lyia Meta: Always You

"This is a gem of an album for fans of jazz from the mid-20th century or so, with passages filled by piano glissandi and a riding cymbal beneath a velvety voice.." Art & Culture Maven

Aɴʏᴀ M Wᴀssᴇɴʙᴇʀɢ- ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴍɪᴛᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡʀɪᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴ ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs ᴏʀ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡs ғᴏʀ Aʟʟ AʙᴏᴜᴛJᴀᴢᴢ.

Lyia Meta's release ‘Always You’ continues her Jazz Pop exploration of love, live and fun 

❞.....her contralto vocal range makes her unique but what she's done with it makes her special.❞ Kath Galaso (Onstage Magazine)

Lyia Meta – ‘Always You’ [Album Review]

Taking herself out of her stylistic comfort zone with ‘Always You,’ Lyia Meta conveys the feeling and beguiling mystery of love.

❞For some reason, “For You” recalls a contralto version of Adele because of the melody’s dark, sad tinctures blended with hints of modern classical pop savours. It’s the type of song ideally suited for the title song of a James Bond movie – at once seductive and ruthless.❞ Randy Radic, V13

Promising Talent Lyia Meta’s New Single ‘Always You’ Is Passionate and Amorous

Author : Hughes Nelson

June 5, 2023

Lyia Meta is presenting deep and smoky vocals with passionate lyrics in her newest single ‘Always You’. It is everything you hope a thoughtful romantic song would be.


Lyia Meta forges her own path

When you think of Malaysian artistes who have made an impression on the global music scene, the standard image that pops to mind are mostly sweet girlie indie singer-songwriters like Zee Avi or Yuna. But not Melaka-born Lyia Meta, a deep-voiced soul singer who powers through like thick molasses. 

Home-grown artiste honoured abroad

By Gwen Manickam
Multi-talented Lyia Meta was named Female Vocalist of the Year and Performance of the Year at the Texas Sounds International Country Music Award held in Marshall, from October 13 to 16.

Multi-talented Lyia Meta was named Female Vocalist of the Year and Performance of the Year at the Texas Sounds International Country Music Award held in Marshall, from October 13 to 16.

All performers received an official Congressional Certificate of Superlative Achievement Recognition, presented and signed by the US Congressman Louie Gohmert from the House of Representatives, in recognition of extraordinary dedication to the performing arts.

My musical journey has evolved over the years I spent honing my craft.  Whether vocally or in performance, I always persisted in giving my best, as anything less was simply never an option.  As part of the process I often failed, stumbled and even lamented as to why I didn’t achieve some of my goals, but with my never-flagging strength, determination, and a truckload of discipline, my hard work continues to pay off!

A fearless artist in every sense of the word, Meta has become renowned for her impressive ability to work in multiple genres, of which “15013” is an incredible example. Comprising six profound story-based tracks, the EP sees the globally acclaimed visionary boldly sharing her truth as she explores new sonic territory, delivering a compelling sound that maintains her earthy blues roots while introducing a dose of mesmerizing jazz into the mix.

Singer songwriter and visual artist Lyia Meta, and vocalist Audrey DuBois Harris get together to discuss their influences, creative processes and overcoming obstacles

Through six breathtaking songs, including the magnificently nostalgic track 'Daylight'(finalist at the Rome Music Video Award 2021 in the Original Song category), she crafts an impactful story born from a tapestry of the most profound emotions and boldly shares her truth with her fans all over the world".. Stitched Sound-August 4th 2021


Malaysian Artist Lyia Meta brings lilting Jazz Blues on her new EP, 15013- Anurag Tagat

Lyia's lyrical prowess translates to the canvas, innately tying together art and music"- Frankie D'Cruz

A true maelstrom of sound emerges on Lyia Meta’s ferocious “We Are Lords”. With heavy, heavy riffs the whole of the track is propelled forward by an intense rhythm. The driving pulse feels outright righteous while it moves everything into a wild, animalistic fervor. Versed in metal’s hard stance, they also incorporate elements of symphonic classical within the sprawling ambitious scope. Blasting the track is an absolute must for this is not going to go quietly into that good night, it rages with such fury.


Nor is a moment wasted in setting the mood. Vocals rise above the colossal din as the group engages in fantastic interplay. Layer upon layer is incorporated into the mix giving it a Byzantine tenor. So many different patterns come together to result in something that feels ever so potent. By refusing to let up they create a virtual wall of sound that completely crashes over the listener making sure nothing remains. Through surrendering to the non-stop onslaught, a certain thoughtfulness starts to take over. Lyricism goes for a sort of triumphant gaze for it all builds up into fantastic crescendos. Percussion towards the end engrosses the rest of the song in a tribalistic quality while the churn of the grooves are upset to deliver something that feels so raw and visceral.

“We Are Lords” shows off the undeniable chops of Lyia Meta while they sculpt a thing of true jagged beauty, finding the gorgeousness amongst the darkness.

Click Here: 

“Now I Know the Reason Why” is a beautiful, blues-soaked country song about the sorrow and pain that comes from losing someone you love to another. The bittersweet lyrics are from the point of view of a woman seeing the man she loves marry another woman. It’s the kind of heartbreaking torch song Patsy Cline could have sung back in her day, and Lyia’s marvelous heart-wrenching and bluesy vocal performance makes us believe she’s lived every word of it. Listening to her sing, it’s easy to think she’s from Nashville rather than Kuala Lumpur. The instrumentals and music arrangement are superb, and I especially love the terrific organ, piano and steel guitar that give the track its wonderful country flavor. It’s a great song.- Eclectic Music Lover May 28th 2020

Click Here: 

-november -2019

October 2019

Winners for the recent Josie Music Awards in Dollywood, TN on page 1 of Clouzine Magazine!!!

Lyia Meta took home Artist of the Year (Multi Genre)

STAR 2 - Entertainment  (October 7th 2019)

Malaysian singer Lyia Meta won the Artist Of The Year (multi-genre) award at the 2019 Josie Music Awards last month.

This marks Meta’s second win at the award ceremony. She took home the World Music Artist Of The Year title last year.

Held in Tennessee, United States, the Josie Music Awards honours independent artistes from all over the world. The Malaccan-born singer released her debut EP This Is Lyia in 2015.

She went on to score a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2016 Anugerah Industri Musik (AIM), Malaysia’s equivalent to the Grammys.


October  3rd 2019

 "There is only today. I have a story to tell...a desire to be heard. Not just through voice or art but from my soul. I don't think I can live knowing I didn't try. So I shall write my story. Anything less is not an option."- Lyia Meta 

LYIA META – Single Review: “Deserving of Love”- Eclectic Music Lover

“Deserving of Love” storms right out of the gate with an explosive mix of Mike Hall’s shredded guitar and Lyia’s raw, impassioned vocals. Soon enough, Mike delivers thunderous staccato riffs as Lyia demands to be heard and understood in her desperate longing to be loved..."- Eclectic Music Lover

POTW (2019/21): Electronic Independent- 

Electronica Independent features several tracks from Ce Ce Hemmings, the playlist’s curator, a.k.a. Hemmingway, who I’ve mentioned before. There’s also an abundance of energetic tracks from other fab electronic artists like Lyia Meta, Fans of Jimmy Century, Bufinjer, etc

Law Music

"I write from personal experiences and from issues and experiences that have shaped me and which I can relate to.   As songwriters,  we often keep to performing or recording our own compositions. After all we invest so much of ourselves into the process that we usually NEED to see it become a reality, flesh and blood so to speak."



Lyia Meta sings straight from the heart on the powerful “All My Love”. With a swirling gorgeous style, Lyia Meta offers a soulful fiery sound. Everything about the song opts for a powerful emotionally wrought approach to storytelling.

China Press

Interview from the launch of her latest single 'All of my Love'

Nanyang Siang Pau

Interview from the launch of her latest single 'All of my Love'

Sin Chiew Daily

Interview from the launch of her latest single 'All of my Love'

Eclectic Music Lover

"The song is the perfect vehicle for Lyia, as her commanding vocals hold their own against the soaring instrumentals.

The song has a throwback 80s feel, reminiscent of some of the pop-rock anthems of that period, but with an updated sound."- Eclectic Music Lover

Cover art by: Ken Meyer Jr.


The Jakarta Post,

Snapshot of the article that appeared in The Jakarta Post in Indonesia on the 30th of January, 2019

STAR 2- The Star Paper

Terence Toh


Local singer-songwriter Lyia Meta certainly had a huge year last year. In September, the Malaccan-born performer was the only Malaysian nominated at the 2018 Josie Music Awards, a ceremony honouring independent artistes from all over the world. There, she ended winning the World Music Artist of the Year award.

Just three months later, she was invited to perform at Iskarnival Main-Main 2018, a festival at Iskandar Puteri, Johor, which saw over 70,000 people attend. There, she was featured alongside local heavyweights such as Zee Avi, Joe Flizzow and Hujan.


“At every stage, there are challenges. The greatest challenge would be getting your music heard. The chances of anyone listening to you are very slim, at best, because there’s a lot of music out there,” she said.



Street Money Magazine

The Eyes and Ears of The Street


A Mention in Street Money Magazine


The single follows Lyia’s first EP (This is Lyia) which garnered her 2 International awards. They were (GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS -Gold Medal for Best Rock Ballad), The RADIO WIGWAM ONLINE AWARDS 2017 – Best Female Act). 1 Regional award (Voice Independent Music Awards Asia -VIMA – BEST FEMALE ACT )and a nomination for the National Anugerah Industri Music (Top 5 Best New Artiste award). Written by Lyia Meta Song & Lyrics by Lyia Meta Arrangement: Lee Jolynn Producer: Anthony Noel Yap (Big A Productions) Mix and Mastered: Anthony Noel Yap (Big A Productions)

New Straits Times

Tahir Alhamzah


KUALA LUMPUR:  While not many may have heard of her or her songs, but this Melaka-born singer-songwriter Lyia Meta recently made Malaysia proud when she was named recipient of World Music Artist Of The Year at the 2018 Josie Music Awards.

Held last month, the awards show is one of the largest events the world which honours independent artistes from all over the world.

The only Malaysian artiste at the event held at the Celebrity Theatre in Dollywood, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee.

“Being the only Malaysian there, I felt ecstatic. I cannot deny I was very apprehensive in the beginning and was nervous.

“It was a surreal experience bagging the award as I know the calibre of musicianship there and it felt so affirming on a personal level,” she was quoted in a recent news report.

Earlier this year, Lyia released a single and a self-produced music video titled Without Walls, which were inspired by her own experience going through tough times both in her career and life.

In 2015, Lyia put out an EP titled This Is Lyia which had gained international recognition.

“As an indie musician, it can be hard to get your voice heard. Major radio stations are not going to simply pick your music up so you have to find an avenue that works for you,” she said in another news report.

Currently, Lyia is working on a single written by Britain’s multi award-winning songwriter Paul Michael Curtis. It will be featured in a compilation album under American record label Bongo Boy Records.

She is also joining hands with The International Singer Songwriters Association in a song that features voices from different parts of the world.

Both singles are slated for release soon.

Rojak Daily

Have you heard of a Malaysian singer-songwriter named Lyia Meta?

If you haven't, you should start listening to her music now because she won the 'World Artist of the Year' award at the 2018 Josie Music Awards in the United States!

The Josie Music Awards is one of the largest award shows in the world that honours independent artists from all over the world. - Jessica Chua

Digital Earbuds 

"Like many of you, I tend to be pretty eclectic in my music library, which is a good thing since my moods are rather eclectic as well. On one particular day, my earbuds and auditory receptors had absorbed about twenty pop songs submitted to me via my email box. Twenty seemed like a good number to end on for that session I needed to clear my head. But sometimes my OCD gets the best of me, and I clicked open just one more email.

There it was; a photo of Lyia Meta; a rather lovely one I must say, inviting me to click one of the new songs from her new This Is Lyia EP now available on both iTunes and Amazon. I selected For You to be my first listen and then spent the next thirty minutes listening and researching this talented female from Malacca City. That first song I chose during my Lyia Meta discovery ended up being my favorite. So of course I've embedded it below for you to enjoy. Her soulful, bluesy laced lyrics and vocals were just what I needed to dissolve the not-so-good stuff I had been listening to the previous two hours...."

The Malay Mail

The only respite during her extensive career was a recent two year hiatus to to focus on visual arts

The Star

A debut offering from a club circuit stalwart is still able to raise an eye brow or two. Why? It’s hard to say for sure, but working musicians often get typecast as imitators and not innovators, but that’s where Lyia breaks the mould.

This Is Lyia is a five-song offering that harkens back to the golden age of songwriting, where turn of phrase and sumptuous melodies are still the order of the day. The Klang Valley-based singer-songwriter is clearly schooled in the sounds of 1970s and flexes that intuition from the off with She’s Searching, a tale of self-discovery, driven by crystalline acoustic guitars.


Soundwaves Review

I often lament the fact that there are so few powerful female rock singers. Rarely do I come across one who can even stand in the same lane as Ann Wilson of Heart, who, to me, epitomizes the female rocker. Then, along comes Lyia Meta, whose voice rivals that of Ann Wilson in power, range, and passion.

Lyia Meta embodies the feel of classic rock. She can stretch out notes and soar, or give us a low growl with just the right amount of rasp. Lyia doesn’t bother with vocal tricks or fancy runs. She doesn’t need tricks to get our attention. She straight-up sings, the way rock is meant to sound; big and bold and beautiful.

Lyia’s debut, self-titled EP, is simply brilliant. Here’s a look:........

If you created a song that fused the vocals of Angela Bofill with the soulful blues arrangement and scorned lover theme of an Etta James tune, you’d come up with “For You,” an original track by Lyia Meta.

Meta is of Malaccan Portuguese descent and like many Europeans she developed a love for the blues based music that dominated the 1960s and 70s.

Bestfbkl. Lyia Meta at Hard Rock Cafe's 25th Anniversary

The organisers then made a surprise announcement and presented Lyia Meta. As she took the stage everyone looked a bit surprise as the tall lass got ready. By the time she finished her second number the whole crowd sat stunned. She simply blew the crowd away, with her amazing stage presence and equally amazing voice. 



Lyia Meta performed two songs. 
1. Save Me
2. Dimana Dikau

It is no surprise that she is a strong contender for the 22nd AIM Awards Best New Artiste Award.

Singer‘s new single marks milestone-The Star

"WHEN it comes to the pub circuit, the duo of Lyia and Zack are familiar faces, having played at various venues throughout the Klang Valley and beyond over the years.

Few, however, know that Lyia is also an accomplished songwriter who has already released one EP, This is Lyia, in 2015 and, just this week, a single and video entitled Without Walls, under the name Lyia Meta.

The single made its global debut on Jan 25 on UK-based online station Radio Wigwam and the video, which was self-produced, can be seen on YouTube.

Without Walls showcases Lyia’s powerful, slightly husky vocals very well, and the video has an arty feel that resonates with the lyrics."- Jacobus Raj (The Star )


LYIA META – Single Review: “Without Walls”- Eclectic Music Lover

"The music builds into a powerful soundscape of shimmering synths and a sensual, bass-driven dance beat, while Lyia’s smoldering vocals raise goosebumps as they soar to the heavens." 

LYIA META – Artist Feature- - (Award Winning )INDIE ARTIST MAGAZINE

“Lyia is a true Artist in every sense of the word. She not only has a beautiful voice which resonates through her music, but she is also a very passionate Artist that paints on Canvas, and other forms work media. I am excited to feature this amazing lady in the magazine because she brings it all to the table and I know she is very proud to have won awards for her music and will definitely get my vote next time she is nominated” ~Randy Lockhart – Editor In Chief


LYIA META – The Josie Music Awards Tennessee- 

The Malay Mail

"The Josie Music Awards is the largest award show that celebrates independent artistes from all genres across the globe.

Lyia was the only Malaysian artiste among some 13,000 hopeful entries.

“Being the only Malaysian there, I felt ecstatic. I cannot deny I was very apprehensive in the beginning and was a bundle of nerves.

“For me to win an award was surreal because I know the calibre of musicianship there and it felt so affirming on a personal level,” she told Malay Mail."

LYIA META –Various Ghouls & GoblinsHowl~O~Grim Vaz 1

(Compilation Album Artist Review)

Lyia Meta brings some incredible vocals to the stage with the dramatic and dark power ballad that is Slumber. 

LYIA META – Artist Feature- - (Indie  Music Women)

"Then just as you think this is turning into a great dance tune, Lyia’s scorching vocals set the chorus on fire and command your full attention. It is here that she displays a wonderful control as she reaches skyward with high notes molded with a rich fullness. Lyia unfailingly repeats this every chorus, luring you in until you feel the goosebumps emerge."


"Their performance was entertaining, riveting and soulful"- The STAR- Nightlife

"You just have to catch female vocalist Lyia in action to believe the kind of vocal talent she has"

- Errol DeCruz, The Malay Mail

"Lyia's husky voice is perfect for blues"- Jacobus Raj- The Star

"My songs are mainly about the people I have met and how their lives have changed and how certain stages in their lives have affected them as well as how their lives have affected me.." "I sing about women and women being in a place where they can't express themselves, have to toe the line, make it work, compromise-that's not where they want to be. It's about the woman who puts on a face to the world but people don't know what's happening inside because she has to,"

- Melanie Chalil, The Malay Mail (Nov 12, 2015)

photo credit-Ahmad Zamsahuri

"What we heard subsequently exceeded any expectations we may have had. Settling onto our stools, we were immediately drawn to the strong soulful voice"

- Raymond Siva, Vision Kuala Lumpur

Misc Mentions 

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