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She Whispered My Name

Updated: Jun 1

On darkened and narrow streets,

I stare at the distance and look for reprieve,

A fleeting light, a glimmer of hope,

She guides my steps where shadows weave,

In the hush of dawn, where shadows play,

Time slips through fingers, she fades away.

I danced with her in those moments

I danced and she whispered my name.

As days unfold like pages worn,

With the secrets she wove like a tapestry both night and morn.

Memories she said will softly linger,

"If you listen closely, you'll hear her laughter."

You shouldn't be afraid, Virginia

You shouldn't be afraid,

I have been here, and I always will be-

Your constant friend, your steadfast guide,

And so we danced and danced!

Through chaos, through tears.

Through laughter and pain,

Through so many many years

Now stars that shone in my youth have lost their gleam,

Now all that is left are the echoes of a dream.

Yet she still sings me a timeless song,

And holds me close as years grow long.

"Embrace the now," she says, "for today will weave,

A greater tale for tomorrow, and so we must believe.

That your every heartbeat, breath, and sigh,

Will one day be a gentle whisper as you bid Time goodbye."


©Lyia Meta All rights reserved.

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