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Oh, the dreaded task, it looms ahead,

But I kick the can down the road instead.

Bills to pay and chores to mind,

I’ll do it later, I swear, it’s fine.

The laundry’s piling up so high,

A mountain so full, it reaches the sky.

I’ll wash them all, just not today,

I’ll kick the can, keep chores at bay.

Emails flood my inbox, bold and bright,

Urgent,” “Important,” all in plain sight.

But Netflix calls with a tempting plan,

So I sit and watch while kicking the can.

The diet starts tomorrow, that’s the pact,

I’ll eat this cake now, it’s a fact.

Exercise? Oh, that’s not for me, man,

For now, I’ll rest, just kicking the can.

Papers scattered across the desk,

Deadlines lurking, quite a test.

But there’s a cat video I must scan,

So here I am, just kicking the can.

Kicking the can, kicking the can!

My next song should be about kicking the can,

I am a divine master at the art

Of kicking the can and making it... bland.

Procrastination is an art, you see,

It takes skill to delay things like me.

Why do today what you can,

Put off till tomorrow by kicking the can?

But one day, the can won’t roll,

The tasks will catch up, take their toll.

Until then, I’ll stick to my plan,

Living life by kicking the can.

Lol! Did I just do this?

Hah! I’m in need of another fix...

Chocolate per chance?

Nah, I’ll just kick the can!

As tasks pile up, stress creeps in,

But procrastination feels like a win.

A sweet treat could ease the strain,

But for now, I'll just abstain.

Tomorrow's another day, another chance,

To tackle the to-dos and break the trance.

But truth be told, I rarely kick the can,

A hard worker at heart, I stick to the plan.

Ahhh, but for today...

I'll kick the can!!!


©️Lyia Meta All Rights Reserved.

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