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365 Days.....Make it Count!

Updated: Jun 6

Every day offers a new beginning, and I embrace the opportunity to start afresh or find a reason to keep going. A fresh canvas can be daunting. Where do I begin? Should I focus on my goals? Can I fit everything in? Will I succeed? What if I don’t meet my goals or fail? One advantage of getting older is that you learn to prioritize your time and minimize mistakes. You also couldn't care two hoots what the naysayers have to say and you learn the art of being patient (a definite PLUS!). However, with age and wisdom comes an ever-growing bucket list!!! Time is precious! Making each of the 365 days in a year work for you involves more than just passing the time; it requires intentional actions, mindful living, and the pursuit of personal growth. Though I am far from perfect, I have learned to harness the potential of each day and make every waking hour count. Let’s dive in!

Set Clear Goals and STICK to it!


Start by defining what you want to achieve within the year. Break these goals down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. Allow for days when you can’t do anything and need to rest. Prepare for burnout!

Establishing a Routine


A daily routine can significantly boost productivity. I start my day with a well-prepared breakfast for the family. A consistent morning routine that includes exercise, meditation, or journaling is also beneficial. A power walk after breakfast boosts my energy and sets the pace for the day. According to the American Psychological Association, routines can help reduce stress and improve mental health.

Embracing Mindfulness


I used to find mindfulness difficult to master. As someone juggling multiple tasks and thoughts, being mindful and present took a lot of practice. Mindfulness involves staying present and fully engaging with your current activity. I’ve incorporated mindfulness practices, such as mindful breathing, into my daily schedule to enhance focus and reduce anxiety. Counting to ten while inhaling and exhaling slowly helps me stay grounded.

Prioritizing Health


Physical health is crucial for maintaining energy and motivation. Ensure you’re eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and sleeping well. I struggle with insomnia and have learned not to stress about sleep. The less I expect it, the better my chances of sleeping. Don’t overthink sleep; it will come when your body needs it.

Cultivating Relationships


Human connections are vital for a fulfilling life. I love being around people and exchanging ideas. I make time each day to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. Whether through a phone call, a message, or spending quality time together, nurturing relationships provides emotional support and joy.

Continuous Learning


I recently met someone who claimed to know everything about the music industry. Although she was a respected peer, her reluctance to learn new ideas or views saddened me. Dedicate part of your day to learning something new. I make it a point to learn a few new things daily, whether by reading a book, taking an online course, or exploring a new hobby. Lifelong learning keeps the mind sharp and opens new opportunities.

Reflecting and Adapting


At the end of each day, take a few minutes to reflect on what went well and what could be improved. Although I sometimes reflect too much and worry, this practice helps me adapt and make necessary changes to my approach, ensuring a more productive and fulfilling life.

For me incorporating these practices into my daily life, helped turn each of the 365 days into a meaningful and productive journey. Remember, every day is an opportunity to create the life you envision—one step at a time.


Never Enough Time

Words and Music by Denise Dimin

Produced by Bob McGilpin

Coproduced by Lyia Meta

Orchestration by Gene Rabbai

Taken from the album ALWAYS YOU

Released in June of 2023

Video produced by Lyia Meta

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